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Quick Overview

Personal Compression Device, PCD-52, Offering Pre/Post Therapy Along With Sequential/Wave Modes
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Warranty: 24 Months

TGA Number: 174343

Based on the reliable and durable Lympha Press® Micro line, the Lympha Press Micro (Optimal) is a pressure control device with the added features of both Pre and Wave Therapy treatments.

For use within both the clinical and home environment.’ The Pretherapy Treatment is a gentle massaging of the proximal lymphatics, with the purpose of easing the lymph liquids transit, based on MLD (manual lymph drainage) procedures. The Pretherapy starts the treatment at the proximal end of the treated limb. Lympha Press® Micro (Optimal) then moves on to the main treatment, either sequential buildup pressure or Wave Peristaltic massage.


• Lymphoedema of legs and arms

• Post-mastectomy arm Lymphoedema

• Healing of venous stasis ulcers

• Promotion of wound recovery

• Relief from muscular and nervous pain

• Relief of discomfort from leg fatigue

Additional Features to the Lympha Press Micro (Optimal)

• Fully variable pressure range 20 to 80mmHg

• Sequential Compression and Peristaltic Compression Therapy Cycles

• Pretherapy and Post Therapy available with all Compression Cycles

• Variable Pre Therapy Region: Distal, Medial and Proximal

• Variable Post Therapy Region: Distal, Medial and Proximal

• Adjustable Pause time between compression cycles

• Adjustable hold time at end of compression cycles


Technical Specifications

Model: PCD-52 (737A)
Cycle: Sequential Multi Cycles
Pressure Range: 20-80 mmHg
Size: 12 x 22 x 17cm
Weight: 1.5kg
Electrical: 230V / 115V 50/60 Hz