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Eco-friendly splinting material for strong, lightweight casts. Reusable and re-moldable.
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X-LITE® PLUS is our newest material in the X-LITE® range. It has a soft polyester fabric surface on one side. PLUS is almost similar in strength to Classic and can be used to make any cast or splint of your choice.

X-LITE® is an airy and lightweight fabrication material engineered to meet your splinting, bracing and casting demands. The material is made from a 100% cotton mesh that has been impregnated with a non-toxic thermoplastic resin. All reactive substances in the thermoplastic have been cured, which means it does not contain any residues in unreacted form.

X-LITE® is a NON-Toxic material and emits no harmful substances when heated, applied or in the drying process. The material can be applied without the use of gloves and special ventilation equipment. It is safe for all users to work with X-LITE®, including pregnant woman, asthmatic patients and people that suffer from allergic reactions.

X-LITE® meets the international standard of biodegradation and is sorted as non-hazardous waste. Combustion produces carbon dioxide and water. A true environmentally friendly material – Ecocast!



  • Open structure for easy ventilation
  • Ultra-lightweight for patient comfort
  • Reusable and re-moldable saving time and money
  • Variable rigidity              with multiple layering
  • Excellent conformability
  • Self adheres when heated, no solvents or adhesive required
  • Fast curing time in only 30 minutes
  • X-ray translucent
  • Extremely strong
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