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Postural splint designed for immobilisation and positioning of the foot
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Warranty: 3 Months

TGA Number: 0

The OPED SUPROsplint complements the field of applications in the VACOped family by providing a postural splint. It‘s designed for immobilisation and positioning of the foot and can be used pre and post-operatively for the immobilisation of ankle fractures. It is suited for prevention or reduction of plantarflexion contractures. 

Advantages at a Glance:

                     Pressure-free and secure fixation of the foot

                     Angle adjustment of the postural splint with various rotation positions of the foot

                     Comfortable positioning through individual adjustment with ROM hinge same as VACOped (From 15 degrees of dorsiflexion to 30 degrees of plantarflexion)

                     Easy wound viewing

                     Washable liner for better hygiene

                     Anti-rotation bar can be added for positioning of hips at risk of luxation


Note: positioning bar sold separately

Medium35 - 424 - 10
Large42 - 5010.5 - 16