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Quick Overview

Forms a protective film that prepares the skin for the application of adhesives.
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Skin-Prep* protective dressing forms a barrier between the patient's skin and adhesives to help preserve skin integrity and prevent insult or injury during removal of tapes and films.


Proven Effectiveness

-          A series of tests under a scanning electron microscope suggest that Skin-Prep provides effective protection against adhesive trauma.

Improves Adhesion

-          Skin-Prep allows skin to "breathe" so tapes and films adhere better and longer.

-          Enhanced adhesion increases the interval between dressing changes to save nursing time.

-          Less frequent application and removal of adhesive dressings reduces the risk of damage to delicate skin.

Non-Sensitising Formula

-          Skin-Prep contains Citroflex for added safety and reliable protection with virtually no irritation or allergic reactions. It is safe for long-term use, especially on sensitive skin areas in ostomates and geriatric patients.

Increases Patient Comfort

-          Skin-Prep helps prevent contact dermatitis and makes adhesive removal less painful for patients.

Convenient Application

-          Single-use, individually packaged Skin-Prep wipes are more than adequate to provide even more barrier formula where skin needs protection most. It is also available in an easy to use spray can.

Easily Removed

-          Skin-Prep can be removed with a skin cleanser and water, so there is no need to scrub the skin or expose it to harsh chemical cleansers or solvents that can cause irritation.