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Provides full foot and ankle protection with an inflatable liner for increased conformity & support.
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Warranty: 3 months

TGA Number: 160507

The OAPL Full Shell Walker provides full foot and ankle protection with the added benefit of pneumatic support. This Walker features a rocker sole for added comfort and ease of ambulation, as well as a wide foot base to aid comfort.

The OAPL Full Shell Walker offers an integrated pump and valve to fill several air compartments within the lining of the boot. Air fills space around the foot and ankle to provide light compression as well as arch support, increasing stability of the injury. The air compression is easily adjusted to achieve a custom fit that is able to accommodate changes in swelling throughout the healing process. The high quality lining is a moisture wicking breathable soft lining, and the injection moulded shell is vented to promote increased airflow. The adjustable toe plate provides increased protection for the toes, and flex tabs around the proximal trim lines help to increase comfort. Designed to stabilise the ankle at 90o to promote healing.

Designed to immobilise the foot and ankle following stable foot or ankle fracture, severe ankle sprain, post-surgery application, soft tissue injuries, and when swelling is present.

To inflate:

Twist the valve to the right and continue to push the bulb in to force air into the spaces around your foot until you feel most comfortable.

To deflate or loosen:

Simply turn the valve to the left and listen to the air release from the lining.


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