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Quick Overview

Negative pressure device for physiotherapy
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Warranty: 24 months

TGA Number: 315427

LymphaTouch® negative pressure treatment can be applied to several treatment areas, including lymphedema, preoperative and postoperative swelling and scarring, fascial tightness, muscle maintenance, active recovery, pain management and improving joint functionality.

The device is designed to support lymphatic drainage.1,2 The negative pressure generated by the device helps improve lymphatic circulation1,2 in the treated area. In addition to negative pressure, LymphaTouch® has a mechanical high frequency vibration feature.

The results of LymphaTouch® therapy can be assessed after treatment by analyzing the patient’s VAS pain ratings and measuring changes in the circumference and range of motion of the treated limb.3\


Lymphoedema Care

LymphaTouch® is an excellent tool for lymphoedema management and lymphoedema follow-up. It serves as a supplementing tool for treatment of both primary and secondary lymphoedema. LymphaTouch’s unique feature combination of mechanical vibration and negative pressure efficiently activates the lymphatic circulation in the treated area and helps reducing swelling and pain. LymphaTouch treatment has been experienced as very comfortable among various different patients diagnosed with head, neck or breast cancer and patients suffering from secondary lympohedema caused by trauma, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer.

LymphaTouch® enhances manual therapy, enabling the therapist to work more efficiently and the patient get concrete results faster.

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