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Light (small)
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Warranty: 3 Months

TGA Number: 306944

Juzo® ScarPad for Scar Therapy


Scars can result from a completely normal wound healing process. Juzo ScarPad is a self-adhesive scar treatment patch for the effective and individualised treatment of all types of scars. The patch is versatile to use, the treatment is pain-free with no side effects and also suitable for children.

Juzo ScarPad comprised of 100 % medical silicone and a special elastic material. It improves the appearance of the scar by making it less visible, softer and more elastic. The patch is reusable – one patch lasts for approx. 4 – 8 weeks and comes with daily cleaning soap to maintain its adhesive properties.



         Prevention and treatment of abnormal scar formation (hypertrophic scars and keloids)

         Treatment of non-healing or problematic scars

         After surgical procedures (e.g. after a cesarean section, after reconstruction, cosmetic scars)

         For scars resulting from trauma injuries, post-burn scars, or post laser treatment scars

Correct usage

Early treatment with Juzo ScarPad prevents abnormal scar formation. First application occurs after the wound has fully closed or, if the wound was sutured, a few days after the sutures have been removed. The special-purpose silicone pads can be used not only for recent but also older scars.


Juzo ScarPad light small, light, extra and strong

Thoroughly clean the scar and surrounding tissue. The scar tissue should be kept dry and free of grease. Cut the silicone patch to the desired shape and size, ensuring that the edges of the patch are rounded. For optimum results, ensure that the scar is completely covered by the Juzo ScarPad. Ideally the silicone patch should overlap the scar by approximately 2 cm. The scar treatment patch can be used under compression garments as an ideal accompaniment to scar therapy.


Light - Small0.4 mm5 x 8 cm (2 per pack)
Light0.4 mm10 x 14 cm (2 per pack)
Extra1.4 mm10 x 14 cm (1 per pack)
Strong2.3 mm14 x 22 cm (1 per pack)