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Quick Overview

Designed to offer optimal, cost effective, lymph drainage for both legs and lower abdomen
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Warranty: 12 months

TGA Number: 174343

Bi-Lateral PCD Lite Lympha Pants are designed to offer optimal lymph drainage for both legs and the lower abdomen.

Use Bi-Lateral PCD Lite Lympha Pants with the following Mego Afek Devices: Lympha Press® Micro (Optimal)

Instructions for wearing the Bi-Lateral PCD Lite Lympha Pants

1. Arrange the Lympha Pants (Leg Specific) on the surface where treatment will take place.

2. Open the main zipper 2/3 & lie down inside the PCD Lite Lympha Pants.

3. If the pants are still too small, add Expanders® to adapt the pants size to your size.

4. On each leg, near the ankle, there are three (3) small zippers. Open the one that is closest to the patient’s heel. It will allow the foot to remain as close as possible to its normal position (90º to leg) during treatment.


• Use Bi-Lateral PCD Lympha Pants while lying down

• Wear cotton training pants under the Bi-Lateral PCD Lite Lympha Pants

Connecting the hose bundle

Insert the hose bundle connectors (in direction pointed by red arrows) into the corresponding air socket receptacles of the device.

Disconnecting the hose bundle

Press down the snap tooth to release the hose bundle and gently pull out the bundle from the device.