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An adjustable alternative to other hard protective devices. The A-Flex Protective Headgear is fabricated from a flexible plastic that readily conforms to varying head shapes making it easy-to-fit upon demand. The protection is ideal for low impact forces that are distributed (like a shock absorber) across the entire surface without cracking or penetrating. The headgear is equipped with easy-to-adjust straps minimising the need for chin straps. The posterior strap “locks” the device below the mastoids and accommodates size variations while the lateral straps are used for easy donning and doffing. Lateral straps and side-slits are also optional. The A-Flex features ventilation holes to reduce trapped heat. It can be easily trimmed with a pair of scissors without the need for complex equipment and tools. Custom manufacture also available.

Size Circumference
Small400 - 430 mm
Medium430 - 460 mm
Large460 - 480 mm
X Large480 - 510 mm